Sharing Their Intellectual Interests

The Passion of Collecting


When two people begin dating, sharing their history is all part of getting to know each other. Their time together could be filled with stories of growing up, or it could be a time when one of them shares the history of their passion for collecting. It often matters little what a person chooses to collect. The important thing they need to share with their significant other is the reason behind why they collect it, and they might also explain how their passion has grown through the years.

Some people begin collecting at an early age, and it often has something to do with a close friend or relative. They might have shared bird watching with a grandparent, and they now collect items with birds because it gives them a connection to that deceased loved one. What might have been seen originally as an oddity by their partner now becomes a treasure as they learn about the love and caring their spouse recaptures with their collection.

There seems to be no end to the items people are interested in collecting, but it is often the stories behind their passion that attract the intellectual attention of their mate. Their acquisition of any particular item might also be something they could share. This alone could make their hobby one that is interesting, and it could even spark a chord within their loved one. A partner is often one interested in knowing why a person does something, and taking the time to listen and share the joy is all part of what can enhance a relationship.

Collecting is often seen as a singular passion, yet it can be shared with a good outcome if a partner is willing to view it without bias. For those who enjoy the stories of why and how, their own passion may become clear as they make time to listen to their beloved collector.